Emery District Spelling Bee Winners Announced


By Julie Johansen

Sixteen of the best spellers from the fourth and fifth grades in the elementary as well as the middle schools of the Emery School District competed in the district spelling bee on Thursday at Emery High.

After six rounds of spelling, the first and second place winners were decided. Maxwell Sorensen, an eighth grader from San Rafael Middle School, earned first and Joleene Keisel, a Canyon View Middle School seventh grader, took second. It then took many rounds to determine the third place winner.

Three students tried to spell correctly many words, even words from foreign nationalities, before AnnaBelle Jeffs, a fifth grader from Castle Dale Elementary, earned third place.

The language arts teachers from Emery High pronounced the words and judged the competition. The three winners will next compete at the regional spelling bee to be hosted at Green River High on March 7.

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