Emery High Powderpuff Football


Not even the below freezing temperatures could keep these girls out of the game. Undaunted by the cold the two teams, white and black, comprised of girls from Emery High played each other in the annual Powderpuff football game on Wednesday.

Emery High football players George Sorenson and Kenden Huff each coached one of the teams with Sorenson coaching the white team and Huff coaching the black team. The black team struck first with Kelsie McElprang running for two touchdowns in the first quarter and their defense played well not allowing the opposing team to score. The white team would soon bounce back В with some good running from Haylee Beckstead, Tanner Peterson who had two touchdowns, and Alisha Aldair who also added a touchdown. The final score was 24-14 with the white team coming out on top.

After the game, George Sorenson shared his thoughts regarding his experience.

“Just teaching them how to play the sport was pretty fun,” he said.”My football career is probably over so helping them play was the good part about that, and winning!”

There was also a lot of positive feedback from the girls on both sides despite the cold. Haylee Beckstead said, “My favorite thing about the game was even though my team had some trouble in the beginning, we fought back and ended up winning. Everyone’s attitude was great and it just made the game better than it already was.”

Beckstead continued, congratulating both teams for a game well played,”The game was really hard fought and was fun for all involved.”


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