Emery High Student Council Donates Socks and Sweats for Veterans


Emery High student council members conducted a month long fundraiser to earn money to buy items for patients at the Veterans Hospital in Salt Lake City. On Dec. 18, seven students along with student council advisor Neal Peacock purchased 106 pairs of new sweats (tops and pants) and 144 pairs of new socks that were then given to the hospital. The students also threw in a dozen Emery High t-shirts for the hospital staff and patients to enjoy.

According to Peacock, the student council decided to postpone the school’s annual food drive until January or February in order to build the Emery County Food Bank reserve when supplies run low following the holidays. In place of the food drive, council members elected to support Utah’s veterans through the sweats and socks fundraiser.

“Madelyn Carter, who is the American Legion Junior Auxiliary President for the state of Utah and a student at Emery High, brought a proposal to the student council,” Peacock explained. “Carter had contacted the Veteran’s Hospital in Salt Lake City and asked what their greatest needs were. She found out that, though the veterans’ medical needs are being met, many of them don’t have a clean pair of socks or other clean clothing. This is particularly true of homeless veterans who come to the hospital. Carter asked if the student council could have a fundraiser to buy socks and sweats.”

Members of the student council quickly sprung into action and the entire Emery High student body followed. Fundraising efforts began on Veterans Day during an assembly that honored local veterans. At that time, several challenges were made between students and teachers in an effort to raise money in a fun and friendly manner.

During the assembly, Mr. Hansen challenged Ridge Nielson to a donation showdown. The person with the least amount of money raised would have to dye his hair blond. Shanae Butler challenged her nephew Kevin Butler to a pie contest. The winner would have the opportunity to put a pie in the losers face. Eric Mortensen challenged student body president Kayden Parkins to a kiss-a-pig contest. Finally, Lee Moss challenged Matt Mecham to a contest in which the high money raiser would dress the low money raiser in any clothing and make up of the winner’s choice for one day.

On Nov. 26, a second assembly was conducted to top off fundraising efforts. During the assembly, Mr. Hansen and Nielson dyed their hair because they raised a total of $200. Shanae Butler put a pie in her nephew’s face, Parkins kissed a pig and Moss made Mecham dress like Wolverine for the day.

“A service auction was also conducted to raise even more money for the fundraising effort,” Peacock explained. “Services included rides to class, body guards for a day, getting to tell a joke over the intercom for a week and many more crazy service items.”

The fundraising effort was conducted from Nov. 11 to Nov. 26 and raised just under $1,600.

“It was a great experience for all involved,” Peacock concluded. “Emery High supports its veterans and the students are grateful to all those who serve.”

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