Emery School Board Approves Budgets


By Julie Johansen

The regular session of the Emery School Board was called to order by Vice President Marie Johnson on June 15. President Tracey Johnson was excused and all other board members were in attendance.

A motion to move into a public hearing was accepted and a public hearing for the purpose of receiving comments about the final budget for the fiscal year 2022 and proposed budget for fiscal year 2023 was opened. Business manager Jackie Allred presented the outline for each budget. The final budget for 2022 included the changes with grants received and additional spending since the budget was approved last year.

The budget for 2023 included the negotiations for salaries and benefits for employees. Following this discussion, the public hearing was closed and the board returned to the regular meeting agenda.

Next, Trent Huntsman with Westland Construction gave an update on the Emery High School and Ferron Elementary construction. Phase one at the athletic fields for Emery High is nearing its final stages with an emphasis on completion of the tennis courts, landscaping and caulking in the field house. Phase two on the school building includes footers being poured, demolition of the present science wing and building the surrounding walls.

At Ferron Elementary, the construction of the new building is nearing completion. Teachers have moved most of their things into the new building and the old building is being torn down to make way for a fire lane. This will be necessary for the state fire marshal to give clearance to use the new building. Everything seems to be on schedule with the exception of some supplies due to shipment delays.

Superintendent Maughan thanked everyone for assisting with the transition to the new school in Ferron. He reported that some of the equipment was moved to other schools and the rest went to public auction along with some items from the science wing at the high school.

Sex educational assurances were then explained by Emery School District Secondary Supervisor Doug Mecham. He reported that a committee has been established that includes parents, teachers, administrators and board members. All schools are using state curriculums.

Courtnee Justice and Jenni Lin Allinson, instructional coaches for school year 2021-22, next gave a review of their activities for the past year. This included developing relationships of trust with teachers, providing support to educators, assisting with teacher training and helping students to succeed through the teachers.

Superintendent Ryan Maughan then recommended the following individuals to the board for hiring approval: Danielle Balls, part time custodian at Canyon View Middle School; Len Anderton, mechanic with the transportation department; Mandi Potter, part-time special education aide at Canyon View Middle School; Tessa Bridge, counselor at Green River High School, Kimaree Oveson, cheer advisor at Canyon View Middle School; Brittany Julian, cheer advisor at San Rafael Middle School; Matt Mecham, football coach at Canyon View Middle School; Bevan Collard, wrestling coach at Canyon View Middle School; and Jennifer Mortensen and Addy Healy, assistant girls’ soccer coaches at Emery High. The board approved all names.

Following this, the final budget for 2022 and the proposed budget for 2023 received unanimous approval from the board. The board decided not to include Juneteenth as a recognized school holiday following a discussion about the holiday.

Negotiation items for 2023 were also approved with a 2.59% increase in salaries and steps recognized. Administrator salaries will be separated from teacher salaries and will be based on position and responsibilities.

Next, Emery School District Maintenance Supervisor Kerry Lake outlined the summer capital outlay projects. Members of the maintenance crew have each been given assignments to lead various projects with a goal of being completed by Aug. 1.

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