Emery School District Prepares for Bond Election


By Julie Johansen

At the Emery County School Board meeting on Wednesday evening, Brandon Johnson, a bond attorney, explained to the board the steps and procedures required by law to conduct a bond election. First, he explained why a bond election is necessary, showing in a presentation that school districts have to have a bond election to issue a bond payable by property taxes. A majority of the voters must approve the bond before the district can move forward.

Alex Buxton, Zions Bank Financial Representative, added that the rates are very low right now and it is a good time to bond. It will be a general obligation bond not to exceed $75,000,000. This means that if other facilities are needed, it will be available for the district without bonding again.

The steps necessary for a bond election include an election resolution, a ballot sent to the State Lt. Governor’s Office and the county clerk, a statement prepared by the board in agreement of the bond, a public hearing and a notice of a special bond election in a voter’s information packet. A notice must be published for three consecutive weeks in a local newspaper of record beginning on Sept. 29.

The board has already been working on these steps and much of it has already been accomplished. Although the county clerk will count and tally the voting, it will be the board’s responsibility to canvass the results. If approved, the bond must be issued within ten years. Johnson informed the board that in order for the election to be successful, they need to get the community involved and be transparent with the public. The board was encouraged to work with the civic leaders and groups as well as use visuals of anything to be financed in the election. The bond election will be part of the political election in November 2020.

Also during the meeting, Emery County School District Superintendent Jared Black presented the following names to the board for hiring approval: Makaila Grange, half-time teacher at Ferron Elementary; Sarah Burnett, preschool aide at Bookcliff Elementary;  Jenny Durrant, transportation secretary at transportation office; Trisdana Colledge, secretary at the district office; Sofia Chimaras, kindergarten aide at Huntington Elementary; Ambree Bennett, resource aide at San Rafael Middle School; Tammy Curtis, preschool aide at Cleveland Elementary; Jaclyn Jeffs, TSSA aide at Castle Dale Elementary; Brittany Jensen, chorus aide at Canyon View Middle School; and Kara Smith cheerleading advisor at Emery High. All names were approved.

Principal Doug Mecham welcomed the board to San Rafael Middle School and expressed that in all his years working in education, he was the most anxious he has ever been starting school this year. Both he and Supt. Black expressed appreciation to the entire school and district educational team for their dedication and determination to make the year successful for all. Board President Tracy Johnson also echoed these remarks.

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