Emery Telcom Awards Graduating Seniors With Scholarships Once Again


Each year, Emery Telcom strives to ensure that students in Carbon and Emery counties are given the full opportunity to further their education by offering scholarships through the company.

Recently, Carbon High School hosted its scholarship and award assembly for graduating seniors. At this assembly, Jared Anderson, COO of Emery Telcom, attended to award a number of students with scholarships. Those students were Samantha King, Brittney Blanton, Macie Wood, McKenna Leonart and Coral Clark.

However, the awards from Emery Telcom did not end there. The scholarships were even extended to Blanding, Monticello and Moab. For Blanding, Ammon Ward and Halli Black were awarded. In Monticello, scholarships were given to Britton Brewer and Tristen Esplin. Mercedes Zunich, Hailey Lawley and Braxton Pierce of Moab were the scholarships recipients.

For Emery County, Cambrie Bennett of Orangeville, Rebecca Carroll of Castle Dale, Mollie Cooksey of Ferron, Shaylee Gilbert of Huntington, Carson Donaldson of Cleveland, Tiana Jensen of Elmo, Augustus Dalton of Emery and Zackary Mecham of Green River were all presented with Emery Telcom scholarships for their upcoming college endeavors.

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