Los Jilbertos Ready to Rise From the Ashes of Recent Tragedy


Tragedy struck a local family on Jan. 16 as their well-known and loved restaurant, Los Jilbertos in Wellington, was demolished by a semi that slid out of control due to speed and snowy conditions.

While two people were inside at the time and suffered injuries, they both recovered and watched as the community rallied around them. Wellington Elementary School raised a whopping total of $558.92. The city hosted a community raffle and a GoFundMe account was also established for the family with a goal of $25,000 that has, so far, raised around $10,615.

Comments on the GoFundMe page proved just how many in the area, as well as those visiting, adored the restaurant and food, expressing their hope that they would be open again fairly soon.

It was recently announced that the restaurant will be relocating in Wellington City. On May 16, the eatery revealed that they anticipate to open once more in an old gas station location located on the city’s highway. While an exact opening date has not yet been released, the answer has been “very soon.”

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