Emery Town Council Reports on Its Stewardships


By Julie Johansen

Mayor Jack Funk opened the Emery Town Council Meeting on Tuesday welcoming everyone in attendance. Christine Watkins was then invited to address the council.

She began by introducing herself and announcing her position as the Local Administration Advisor working for the Southeastern Utah Association of Local Governments. She is now helping 19 cities in four counties, including Carbon, Grand, San Juan and Emery.

Watkins asked about the needs of Emery Town. The response was unanimous: funding for recreation facilities in the town, i.e, new restrooms at the park, playground equipment, a skate park, a new arena and help finishing the restoration of the old church. Watkins remarked that she is taking a grant writing class and would like to help the city receive grants.

Councilperson Lindsay Edwards reported on the progress of the Pioneer Church. She said that the foundation restoration is complete and the building now needs to be secured on the new foundation.

Councilman Pat Sundstrom questioned the work that will begin on the pond. The council decided the best thing to do was to turn secondary water off on Sept. 25 in order to prevent the problems they encountered last year with refuge and debris in the waterlines.

Sundstrom also questioned the council about an application he received calling for accountability of beneficial use of the wells that were deeded to the town 13 years ago. This will be studied further and an engineer will be consulted.

Councilman Mike Christensen informed the council that a citizen requested permission to place a second building on his lot in town.

Councilperson Kim Hansen reminded the council that at last meeting, they tabled an item of request to increase the maintenance employee’s wages. After some discussion, a $1.25/hour increase was approved unanimously. Mayor Funk commended Terry Edwards for his work and service to the town.

The mayor then reported that unpaid water bills are being taken care of, or contracts to pay have been signed. He also announced that a town audit will take place in October and there are a few ordinances that will need to be written or rewritten. A new printer is needed for the office, and Mayor Funk reminded that three bids are needed before purchasing.

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