Emery Town Council Reports on Its Stewardships


By Julie Johansen

Emery Town Mayor Jack Funk welcomed all to the council meeting on Wednesday evening. To begin, councilwoman Lindsay Edwards reported that she contacted other cities about the IT requirements for the computers and other technical equipment of the town. She wanted to find this out before entering into a contract with any provider.

Next on the agenda was a report from the town’s fire chief, Scott McClaughry. He reported that the department recently answered two calls, including a car fire on I-70 and a propane leak in town. He also reported that he ordered a propane detector, which he feels will be advantageous for the department. McClaughry continued his report, outlining several trainings that he and the department members attended as well as upcoming trainings.

Terry Edwards, maintenance foreman, then suggested that the old mower be sold with the tractor, stating that a price of $3,500 could be the starting bid for both. The council agreed. They could then use this money to purchase a new mower.

Councilwoman Edwards next gave a report from the Emery Town Heritage Council in regard to the Pioneer Church updates. She stated that the foundation was secured and the building is now stable. This will conclude the work until next spring when the weather is warmer. The preservation committee and architects recently met and invoices will now be paid to the concrete contractors.

Councilman Patrick Sundstrom then reported that he attended the past Castle Valley Special Service District meeting. He told the council about the grants and loan being applied for from the Community Impact Board in the amount of a $1.4 million grant and a $1.3 million low-interest loan. Sundstrom also said the main topic at that meeting was the $5.7 million tax levy the county received from the state for reimbursement of PacifiCorp.

Mayor Funk next announced a public hearing on Nov. 16 in regard to a change in wages for the Emery Town Clerk as well as changing the pay period for town employees. He also told the council about items discussed at the Commission of Governments, including consideration of a county-wide animal control ordinance and officer. There is also a need for a representative from each town for the Emery County Planning and Zoning Board.

To conclude, councilman Sundstrom asked about honoring Jimmy McBroom, a Vietnam veteran who was killed in action. How to do this was considered by the council and action will be taken to do so.

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