Emery Volleyball Awarded State Championship Rings *Photo Gallery*


The Emery Spartan volleyball squad recently received their rings from their amazing 2023 season. The Lady Spartans went 29-4, winning 88% of their matches. The team took down a tough Morgan Trojans team in the championship game, getting the school’s second championship title, the last being in 1996.

During the ceremony, Ashyln Tuttle, Abby Morris, Karleigh Stilson, Koda Orgill, Jabry Sharp, Izzy Perkins, Kali Jensen, Maddie Cummings, Allison Johansen, Meliah Mecham, Shannon Johnson, Katelyn Nielson, Demi Pitchforth, Kabree Gordon, Emma Grimm and Kenadie Maughan would all be awarded a championship ring.

Coach Ferd Allred had a message for the girls, “I am so very proud of the girls of the Emery High School volleyball team for their state championship win. The past two years, they had come up short, placing third both years, and they had determined that that was not acceptable and that they would do what was needed to meet their state championship goal. They believed that a state championship was something that they could accomplish. ”

He continued, “At the first of the year, we sat down and set goals, which were to take region, be seeded first in RPI and to take state. In order to reach these goals, we had to work hard, make a commitment that it was about the team and not the individual, and that each individual would commit to do better the next day than the previous day. No matter where the ball was, we would better the ball.”

Allred concluded, “They all knew that drills and repetitions are not always fun, but the drills hone skills to win, and winning is fun. It was fun to coach this team this year because they worked together as a team, trusted each other to play their own part, listened and took suggestions from coaches and other players, and played as a team to win. I thank the girls and coaches for all their time and dedication. Good job, well done!”

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