Enrollment for Additional Health Insurance Options Begins April 1


The most recent round of stimulus checks were provided through the American Rescue Plan, which was a plan that also included additional benefits for health insurance.

Those that are enrolled in health insurance through the Marketplace will see that their tax credit may increase, meaning that the premium will be lower. There is also an option to change plans with re-enrollment beginning April 1 and running until Aug. 15.

Furthermore, those that do not currently have health insurance and are not offered coverage through either their employer or their spouse’s employer may enroll in a plan within the re-enrollment time bracket.

Options are available for those that did not qualify for a tax credit due to their income being too high as well. There is an option to enroll in a plan that limits the premium to 8.5% of an individual’s income. Those that are interested must take advantage of the enrollment period and enroll through the Marketplace.

Finally, those that are receiving unemployment or are eligible to receive unemployment benefits are also able to participate. Those on unemployment or are eligible may receive a low-cost plan that could feature a $0 premium and deductible, which may also be enrolled for through the Marketplace.

Those interested in these options are urged to contact their health insurance agent for more information.

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