FAFSA Night at Emery High


By Illeana Miller and Maddie Baird, EHS Journalism 

FAFSA helps to aid families that need money for schooling. They look at the family’s income to see if the child qualifies for FAFSA. The student’s financial situation determines how much money they can gain from FAFSA for college. Even if a student does not have qualifications, they may still be able to do a work study on campus. It’s not hard to fill out an account for FAFSA, so there’s really no reason not to.

It is important to note that both the students and parents need to have an account. FAFSA is a government run program that stands for Free Application Federal Student Aid. FAFSA’s main goal is to help students that need financial aid. However, that is not the only positive aspect of this program.

FAFSA is good for admissions in college because it can help a college determine how much financial aid the college may need to offer you. FAFSA sponsors scholarships, and along with that, it’s very important for scholarships. This is because it can help subtract from the cost of attendance.

However, you do need to qualify for the grant money, which is based on parents’ income or other life circumstances. If a student does qualify for grant money, then they can qualify for last dollar tuition. Last dollar tuition means the state covers the portion of tuition costs that are not paid by other aid. Everyone should fill out a FAFSA application due to the fact that it is possible to get different grants.

FAFSA night at Emery High School is Wednesday, Jan. 31, and they will be sponsoring a $500 scholarship. A simple scan of a QR code provided at the event, and you will be put into the drawing to get picked at random. All parents of senior and junior students are encouraged to attend.

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