Ferron City Arbor Day Poster Winners


By Julie Johansen

Ferron City celebrated Arbor Day on April 6. Upon recommendation from an arborist, the celebration was moved to earlier in the month, as it was a better time to plant trees. Although it was one of the coldest and windiest day of the year, brave citizens participated in planting five trees at the Fairgrounds.

Also associated with the celebration was an Arbor Day Poster contest. Winners were announced at Ferron City Council meeting on April 10. Winning the 0 to 4 age group was Ira Horton, the five to seven years winner was Jane Henrie, eight to 10 years Gabrielle Mills, 11-12 years Arena Morgan and 13 and above was Talen Morgan.

Councilman Ray Peterson presented the certificates to the youngsters, though he kept the pictures to display at City Hall.

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