Flawless Sheeting’s Pet of the Week | Frito


Meet Frito: The Quiet Cuddlebug!
Looking for a furry friend who’s as independent as she is cuddly?
This petite lady is the epitome of grace and charm. While she may not meow often, when she does, it’s the tiniest, quirkiest thing you’ll ever hear!Frito adores the company of other cats and loves attention on her terms.
She’s not a fan of being held but will happily soak up cuddles when she’s in the mood. Her ideal day includes lounging in a fluffy bed, surrounded by her feline friends.Although dogs and fast movements might scare her, with a gentle introduction and some time, she could adjust. Frito would thrive in a calm, quiet home with multiple cat companions.
She also has a minimal heart murmur that requires no current treatment, but it’s something to keep an eye on. Have questions about this sweet girl?
Reach out to us!
Let’s find Frito the perfect home where she can be the queen of cuddles she’s meant be!

For more information, please contact Carbon Cat Rescue at (435) 820-2704 or on Facebook.

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