Ferron City Donates to Service Project


By Julie Johansen

Mayor Trent Jackson called the Ferron City Council meeting to order at 7 p.m. on Wednesday. Following the Pledge of Allegiance and approval of the consent agenda, Adele Justice and Abai Dzhumanazarow requested a donation to aid Dzhumanazarow with his service project for Emery Caring Caring for Kids.

The organization is helping provide food bags for more than 100 kids for Thanksgiving break. Dzhumanazarow is a member of the US State Flex program and needs to complete 200 hours of service while here in the United States.

The council approved a $250 donation to the project as well as becoming a drop place for any contributions from the citizens of Ferron.

Jared Howes, EMS lead for Ferron, reported to the council the action of the EMTs in Ferron. He also spoke about the county-wide EMS Service District meeting. Revenue is short, but Ferron was the second most solvent in the county. He reported that an advanced EMT class will be taught by Holly Smith starting Jan. 9. Interested citizens can contact Jared or Holly.

Council member Troy Winter then discussed the upcoming Ferron City Christmas celebration. The council decided it would be on Dec. 1 at 4 p.m. with Santa arriving first and the lights being turned on later. A venue is still being decided.

Mayor Trent Jackson then discussed the projects the special service district will be working on during the next year, which includes gutter and water line on Main Street and pavement on 800 West.

Councilman Brad Richman reported that the planning and zoning board is looking at rezoning lots on State Street. This will need to be advertised and a public hearing scheduled.

Councilmember Ray Peterson announced that the Mill Road work has been completed and that the contract for the sidewalk tripping hazards has also been completed. Peterson has been working with the new manager for Millsite State Park, Brad Walker. A new water line is needed to replace the water pumping, which would increase the efficiency there. A plan to minimize grass at the park is underway.

Peterson has been speaking with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) trying to expedite the land exchange between Ferron City and the BLM. He has solicited the help of Senator David Hinkins and other members of the Washington Delegation.

Councilmember Gerry Stotler asked the city to assist with the Warm Clothing and Blanket Drive sponsored by Desertview Federal Credit Union. She is also helping promote an emergency preparedness booklet for Ferron citizens.

“The Adventure Hub (park) is finished,” announced Councilman Winter. He encouraged everyone to go and walk around the track and see all the fun things. He added that the track is for nonmotorized vehicles and walking.

Councilmember Dell Mead spoke about the Urban Deer Program. He said that unless the program is utilized, the Division of Wildlife Resources may not renew the program for Ferron. He also reported about the long hours for a fire on I-70 and that the city maybe covering for Emery as the fire chief there is having health issues.

The golf course report was given by Kasey Edgehouse. The past year has been a great year, he said. When the temperature is below 42 degrees, the course will be closed. Plans are underway to keep the simulator open for those with key passes. It was also announced that a new roof is going to be installed at the clubhouse.

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