2023 Helper Saturday Vibes Season Recapped


ETV News stock photo

With the conclusion of the 2023 Helper Saturday Vibes summer season, the Vibes team presented its yearly wrap-up to sponsors and other Vibes team members.

“We just wrapped up 2023 with our employee appreciation party and we have already started prepping for our fourth season of Helper Vibes,” the team shared.

A total of 10 events were hosted throughout the summer, with 87% of the attendees residing in Carbon County. The remaining 13% of those that attended Saturday Vibes came from outside the area.

Twenty bands were featured on the stage throughout the season and total registered vendor participation was 89. The vendor participation included one fundraising organization, 11 non-profit organizations and 10 food trucks.

The Vibes team also stated that participation from all Main Street merchants was great as they opened their doors, hosted sidewalk sales and took advantage of free booth space.

Turning to the organization’s online engagement, there was a total of 11,000 visitors to the website and 21,000 page views on the Vibes Facebook page. Helper Saturday Vibes will return with a plethora of fun for event-goers in 2024 season.

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