Ferron City Has A New Council Member


By Julie Johansen

WIlliam Wilson was installed as a new council member for Ferron City at their April meeting on Wednesday. Council member Dell Mead had previously resigned for health reasons and two citizens applied for the position. After introducing themselves and their reasons for wanting to serve, the council voted and Wilson assumed his duties.

Emery County Sheriff, Tyson Huntington, then reported “The State of the Sheriff” to the council, with screen projections. Sheriff Huntington showed the structure of the Emery County Sheriff’s Office, which includes deputies, dispatch, rescue and office assistants. He also included the number of calls they receive, traffic stops and an astounding numbers of drug seizures. He expressed his gratitude for the cities and presented a medal of appreciation to Ferron City.

Jared Howes, Ferron City EMS, reported the happenings of the EMS Special Service District to the council. He once again called for more volunteers and reported that if there were enough interested citizens, a new class for certification would be added.

Next, Ethan Mills of the Ferron City Youth Council gave a favorable report on the Easter celebration games, activities and refreshments.

The importance of commenting on the Bureau of Land Management (BLM)’s Travel Plan was presented to the Council and attendees at the meeting. The plans could result in the closure of hundreds of miles of roads and access to favorite camping areas. A special note was made to the business owners because of the impact the reduction of tourism and camping on the areas adjacent to Ferron could make on their economy. Maps and road designations were available for inspection. The importance of making specific comments during the public comment period was stressed.

Tyler Frandsen, a member of the Emery High Student Body Officers and a graduating senior, then requested a contribution from Ferron City to help them with the 2024 graduation party on May 23. The council voted unanimously to contribute $500 to this event. Frandsen then spoke about the Senior Day of Service planned for May 16. He asked for plans for service that the graduates from Ferron could help the city with. Councilman Vance Brown said they are still clearing debris at the cemetery and would really appreciate their help.

Gina Swasey from the Ferron American Legion Auxiliary then ask for donations for the four girls attending Girls State. The city approved $100 for each girl attending and requested that they return and report after their experience. A new, younger-aged, childrens playground, swing and smaller slide for the fairgrounds was also approved and will be installed by the pavilion.

Fees, small percentages, that will now be charged for utility payments made by credit cards or autopay were approved, as well as a lease agreement for one new lawn mower at the golf course.

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