Ferron City Nixes ‘Bar Scene’ at New Restaurant


Ferron City Councilmen voted against providing after hours employees to the new Hole-in-One restaurant to serve alcohol.

Restaurant owners also wanted to occasionally host DJs and Karaoke nights, but Councilmen were concerned such an atmosphere could encourage late-night mischief on the golf course.

Councilmen were also concerned that the restaurants remote location could cause problems for patrons leaving the restaurant after long nights out.

Councilman Ronny Bloomer’s solution was “just say no” to the restaurant’s request, which would alleviate any problems or concerns.


  • Councilmen signed Gov. Gary Herbert’s declaration on supporting Alternative Fuel Vehicle Awareness Month.
  • Ferron City will soon host a work session to create a new personnel policy.
  • Councilmen signed a letter to Sen. Orrin Hatch regarding the negative impact of cutting services to skilled nursing facilities.
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