Firework Mishaps Cause Two Blazes in Price


Accidents involving fireworks caused blazes on Thursday and Friday evenings in Price.

On Thursday, trees caught fire near Hillside Villa apartments after an aerial firework launched into a tree. According to Price City Fire Chief Paul Bedont, the firework was launched just 20 feet away from the apartments, despite most aerials requiring 150 feet of clearance. Four engines and 20 firefighters responded to the scene.

“We caught it at less than an acre and we caught it before it went up the hill and threatened the homes up there,” Bedont explained.

After the main blaze was extinguished, crews continued to monitor the area. A small spot fire ignited later in the night and firefighters were able to extinguish it quickly.

Then, on Friday, a shed caught fire in a residential area. Many citizens in the neighborhood were igniting fireworks and it is not known exactly what incident caused the fire. Two engines and 16 firefighters responded to the scene.

Bedont explained that crews were able to isolate the blaze to the shed and a nearby fence. Firefighters stayed on scene for quite some time, checking homes and roofs to ensure embers would not ignite a fire on neighboring homes.

While the chief has not set firework restrictions in Price City limits at this time, he explained that if problems continue or worsen, restrictions might be an option to manage fires. To help avoid these restrictions, he emphasized the importance of reading directions on fireworks and following the steps carefully to avoid accidents. More importantly, he advised citizens to find a large, clear area void of vegetation, such as the Carbon County Fairgrounds or a large parking lot, to ignite fireworks as well as having a source of water available to extinguish small fires. He concluded with a message for residents to check smoke alarms within homes and business to ensure that they are working properly in case accidents occur.

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