Forest Service Encourages Responsible Recreation


Press Release

Officials with the Manti-La Sal National Forest are noticing an increase of visitors to the Forest, and with that, a lack of respect for Forest etiquette.

“We are already seeing a number of trash bags and litter left behind from campers,” said Darren Olsen, acting Forest Supervisor. “Please take all your garbage back home with you. The Forest does not have dumpsters or trash collectors at most campgrounds or recreating areas, so please practice ‘Pack it in, Pack it Out.’”

‘Pack it in, Pack it out’ is a simple yet effective way to remind visitors to take their trash home with them. If it is brought onto the Forest, it should leave the Forest. Visitors are reminded that burning trash is not an acceptable form of removal.

Olsen also said that mountain roads should be driven with caution, especially with current road conditions varying between clear, muddy and snow covered.

“Don’t speed,” he said. “Speeds should be much slower on mountain roads due to numerous blind corners, vehicles hauling campers and trailers, and people looking off at the views, etc. Slow down and enjoy the drive through the mountains.”

Recreation staff want to encourage visitors to have a great visit to the Manti-La Sal, but ask you keep these key rules in mind:

  • Visitors must move their campsite at least 10 miles after 14 days and must stay the first night they establish a campsite.
  • Campsites and equipment may not be left unattended for more than 72 hours. Officials will leave notices on unattended equipment explaining this rule, and documenting when the notice was left to keep track of how long equipment sits unattended.
  • Do not leave fires unattended. As Smokey Bear says, if it’s too hot to touch, it’s too hot to leave the fire alone. Soak the coals with water, stir and repeat until the fire and coals are fully extinguished.
  • Please do not feed wildlife. This can create a dangerous situation for both visitors and animals.
  • Cutting and hauling firewood off the Forest requires a permit, and the permit stipulates people can only drive 150 feet off the road to collect firewood.

The Forest offers a variety of fun, family-friendly activities, but only when everyone is respectful of the rules in place. These rules help protect the public lands, while ensuring a safe visit for all.

For additional information on the Manti-La Sal National Forest, please visit or participate in the conversation at or

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