Former Wellington Police Chief Faces Assault Charges


Former Wellington City Police Chief Rory Bradley is facing charges after allegedly assaulting a fellow coworker in December of 2020. Bradley was indicted in the Wellington Justice Court in early June on two charges of assault, both class B misdemeanors.

The indictments are based on video and victim testimony of Bradley assaulting a fellow coworker. In one instance, Bradley was seen on video putting the alleged victim in a headlock. Later that same day, Bradley is seen on camera slapping the backside of the same coworker.

Investigation into the matter by Wellington City Attorney John Schindler led to Bradley being relieved from his position as police chief in April. This decision was made following a popular vote of the city council following statements presented by Schindler as well as Bradley and his attorney.

Bradley is scheduled to appear before Judge Jon Carpenter on Sept. 9 for an arraignment regarding these charges.

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