Four Corners Announces Melissa Huntington as New Director


Dolan (left) retires in March, while Huntington (right) will take the helm going forward.

In the fall of 2020, Four Corners Behavioral Health Director Karen Dolan announced her retirement following nine years in the position and nearly 22 years with the organization.

Following this announcement, Four Corners’ Melissa Huntington applied for the position of director, which was granted. Huntington has served as the clinical director for seven years and has been with the organization for 17 years.

Huntington has a masters degree in counseling and she is a licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor in the state of Utah. She resides in Emery County, which is where she began work before transferring to Carbon County.

“I think all of our counties will really benefit from her experience and knowledge,” said Dolan.

Dolan is retiring at the end of March, but will stay on to train for a while. Huntington remarked that Dolan has done a great job and has worked hard to establish good programs to help those in need.

When asked if there would be major changes to Four Corners with a new director, Huntington stated that she wishes to continue to expand whatever services they are able.

“That’s basically always our ongoing goal,” stated Huntington. “To support the community with whatever services are needed.”

Huntington continued by stating that she is proud of what Four Corners does and the team is very passionate about providing the best quality of services. She said they pride themselves on the programs they implement with a well-trained staff.

Four Corners Behavioral Health, according to Huntington, brings in the newest and most cutting-edge programs. “I’m just always really proud of what Four Corners does,” concluded Huntington.

For more information on the programs that Four Corners offers, please click here.

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