Future of School Meals Secure Through March During Government Shutdown


Carbon School District stock photo

The future of school meals may be of concern to many while facing the ongoing government shutdown. However, an advisory straight from the U.S. Department of Agriculture that was recently released ensures that federal support for school breakfast and lunch will flow well into March.

Deputy Administrator of Child Nutrition Programs Cynthia Long released the advisory, which also acknowledges that the current circumstances do present some uncertainties for the Food and Nutrition Service, its customers and partners. The advisory goes on to state that those employed under the Federal Food and Nutrition Service continue to be furloughed and are not immediately available by email or phone.

Additional available appropriated funding was provided to state agencies through Food and Nutrition Services to ensure that, along with previous funds provided, the meals will not see a change in levels for some time. The advisory also informed that $41.7 million in state liquor taxes are provided for Utah’s school lunch program.

Pending the continuation of the shutdown, it is expected of state agencies to tend to child nutrition programs. According to the advisory, this is in accordance with federal statute and regulations.

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