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Photo Courtesy of Kayla Haycock

Helper Rush Cheer is a non-profit organization for boys and girls ages 3-17.

“All coaches are unpaid volunteers who dedicate time away from their families to help coach these amazing kids, and I couldn’t be more grateful for all their help and dedication,” said Coach Kayla Haycock.

She continued, “Our goal has always been to keep costs as low as possible so that all youth in our community can join and learn the fundamentals of cheer. We are always looking for businesses or our community to donate that helps sponsor cheerleaders that need help financially. We want to get more youth involved and funds shouldn’t be the reason they can’t, every child deserves to be a part of a team!”

Helper Rush is coached by Kayla Haycock, Sidney Reiners, Gabby Strough, Joanna Kennick, Mellissa Campbell and Angel Still. The Rush Envy roster includes Addison Tolley, Bailey Olsen, Briella Burke, Brynn Niederhauser, CeeJae Martin, Chloe Lasslo, Lola Lasslo, Danny Watson, Ferralyn Kouris, Gabriella Baker, Kynlie Haycock, Jentry Christensen, Jerix Ballard, LaLa Barker, Lexi Tarr, Maddi Davis, Mia Grant, Natalie Marvidikis, Paizley Olsen and Trinidee Mumford.

They competed March 16 at the Central Spirit Rally help at Cottonwood Heights in Murray. They competed against two teams and ended up receiving the first-place honors.

“First place was a huge accomplishment for the Helper Rush Cheer program. We have been working hard for three years learning all the competition rules and requirements and it has felt amazing as coaches to finally get the plan down and give our athletes the tools they needed to shine,” continued Coach Haycock. “These girls and boys have been working hard for Months to prepare for our first competition. With our youngest on the team being eight and our oldest being seventeen it’s amazing to see our younger girls keep up with the older girls and complete the team with all their amazing skills. They are all amazing athletes and all bring their piece of talent to make our team shine.”

Coach Haycock finished with, “We couldn’t be prouder of all of them. It brought tears to our eyes as they were performing that day and seeing their excitement when they were announced first place. We will be competing again April 13 at Alta High School, then again in May at Lagoon. Wish us luck!”

If you or someone you know are interested in joining the cheer team, sign-ups for the 2024-25 season will be held in June. Email

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