Governor Cox Issues Third Executive Order, Bans Fireworks


Photo courtesy of Governor Spencer J. Cox

On June 8, Utah Governor Spencer Cox issued another executive order that further restricted water use at state facilities to go alongside the restrictions set in place for the drought.

Along with this, Gov. Cox announced that there is a prohibition on fireworks for all state and unincorporated lands. He was quoted saying that all indicators show that this could be the worst drought year on record.

“Utah state government is leading the way by cutting back on water use at all state facilities, but all of us — from private businesses to local governments to individuals — need to conserve water now more than ever,” stated Gov. Cox.

It was announced by the governor that Executive Order 2021-10 enforces lawn watering at some state facilities to be reduced to two days per week while a previous order allowed for three days per week.

Continuing, Cox stated that the State Forester and the Division of Forestry, Fire and State Lands has issued the order banning the fireworks, effective from June 8 of this year. This order also goes for School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration lands for the summer.

These orders were put in place with the knowledge that 100% of the state is in drought and all areas are experiencing record-high temperatures for the month of June. The forecast predicts exceptionally poor to potentially worst-on-record inches of precipitation accumulated in valley locations.

It was stated that the order is effective immediately and will remain in effect until otherwise modified, amended, rescinded or superseded.

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