Green River Falls to Wayne, Cheerleaders Come Together For Halftime Performance *Photo Gallery*


On Wednesday evening, the Green River Pirates hosted the Wayne Badgers and took a loss.

The game started off with the Pledge of Allegiance led by the Green River and Wayne cheerleaders. The two teams came together before the game and practiced a number of routines to perform through the night.

The first quarter started off close with Green River outscoring the visiting team 18-16. However, by halftime, Wayne had gained a 37-27 lead over the Pirates.

Both teams played hard through the night but Wayne pulled ahead with a total of five three pointers in the game. The final score was 80-67 as Wayne took the win.

Wyatt Van Orden scored 20 points and Garrett Chappell notched three three pointers for Wayne. Dawson Anderson recorded 23 points for the Pirates and Axel Anguiano drained two three pointers for Green River.

During halftime, the Green River and Wayne cheerleaders came together for a routine and brought true sportsmanship and spirit to the game.

Green River will travel to play Monument Valley on Friday.


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