Greens Only Diet


ETV News Stock Photo by Jeff Barrett

The Panthers are anxiously awaiting the snow to melt so they can return to the course. They will have 13 athletes on the golf team, including five returners. One of those returners is Avery Atwood, who finished second overall at state last year. “We have high hopes for her,” commented head coach Heidi Kay.

Kay went on about the season as a whole. “I’m excited for this year. We have enough kids to make a girls’ team and a boys’ team,” she said. “I’ve got some good leadership; I’m excited about that. I think kids will help each other out. [Additionally], I’ve got a bunch of ninth graders that I’m excited to see how well they play.”

One area the Panthers will be working on is being efficient on the greens. “I really want to improve on our short game. We’re going to focus on putting.” Kay continued, “Getting there doesn’t seem to be a problem, it’s finishing it. That’s what we’re going to focus on this year.”

The region team competition will come down to just Monticello and Pinnacle, since Green River is not fielding a complete team this year. The Panthers have a young boys’ team while the Buckaroos look strong. However, on the girls’ side, it could be neck-and-neck.

“I’m excited to see these young golfers and hopefully we can do well in our region,” Kay concluded.

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