Guidelines: A $20 Value


By Simon Ambit

For myself and many of the men who lumber around in my little circle of the world, Valentine’s Day comes with a certain level of thoughtfulness and desire to show that we care. Ladies, you may not realize it, but we men often feel a sense of pressure at Valentine’s Day; it is tough for us to know precisely the right gift to get. We often feel inadequate picking out flowers and we can get tongue tied when we try to scribble our thoughts and feelings onto paper.

So, I wish to thank you for your patience in tolerating our efforts to impress and hope that you understand that when we say “I love you,” we mean just that and so much more that we don’t exactly know how to amply convey. It is with this being said that many of us men feel a sense of relief and accomplishment upon having picked out and delivered a little token of appreciation to you. Though we may seldom (if ever) admit it, our efforts on this day are a shallow victory when compared to all that is accomplished by the ladies upon the same occasion.

In contrary to my meager effort, my sweet wife started the day by issuing a surprise Valentine’s Day treat upon the breakfast table for each of the kiddos. Then, she secretly placed a little note of appreciation in each of our lunch boxes. As I went out the door to work, I found the seat of the pickup covered in hearts and hand written messages. She then spent a large part of her day at the elementary school assisting with classroom parties and festivities, for which she made homemade treats and prepared games for the kids.

After going back to the school for parent-teacher conferences that evening, she returned home and was able to successfully pull off a “doorbell ditch” Valentine’s Day drop-off for the kids. She left after dinner to swing by the grocery store before going to her women’s volleyball league. What happened at the store was a wonderful surprise to us!

After picking up the needed groceries, my wife pulled her cart up to the register at Smith’s Food & Drug in Price. After the cashier rang her up for the balance, but before my wife was able to pay, the cashier told her that earlier that evening a girl had brought in several $20 bills with notes upon them. The cashiers were asked to distribute the bills to customers of their choice, in order to help the customers pay for their groceries, with a wish of “Happy Valentine’s Day.”

For my wife and so many of you like her, who so often put in such a hard devoted day, giving so much of yourselves to others, it was extremely nice to receive a random act of selfless kindness.

To the kind person who gave the money, THANK YOU! In monetary means, my wife received $20, but in moral value, human kindness and unspeakable worth, what you did was PRICELESS! Life is good, pass it on!

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