Haigler Sentenced Following Charge of Sexual Battery Against a Child


Following the recent three-day jury trial that took place at the Seventh District Court House in Price regarding a case against Marrion Ray Haigler, a sentencing was declared on Wednesday.

Haigler, who was charged on three separate counts of aggravated sexual abuse, was acquitted of the first two counts and convicted on a third, lesser count of sexual battery. These charges regarded the alleged abuse of a child, who was reported to have been abused by Haigler since early 2014.

Haigler was sentenced to serve 90 days with three years formal probation with Adult Probation and Parole. Haigler is also ordered to undergo a psycho-sexual evaluation and follow the therapy recommended. He will be filed under the Group A Sexual Offender list and must abide the law set forth. Finally, Haigler will be ordered to pay for any therapy that the victim will need.

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