Happenings in Huntington City


By Julie Johansen

The Huntington City Council approved a business license for CJ’s Coffee Shop during their meeting on Wednesday evening. This business is owned by Dallas Judkins and will be located behind the Hair Ease beauty shop at 144 North Main in Huntington.

The council also approved the CRA recommendation to give Buckhorn RV Park the requested 75% tax incentive. This will be reevaluated in five years.

A public hearing was then opened to receive input on the Community Development Block Grant application being used to purchase equipment for the volunteer fire department of the city. There were no public comments and the hearing was closed. Shantelle Kay was then approved as a new member of the planning and zoning board for Huntington City.

Urban Deer Mitigation Ordinance 3-2021 was passed with unanimous approval. Resolution 4-2021 was adopted to let Emery County handle the municipal elections coming in November.

The discussion then turned to what they called the “Huntington Drainage Teacup.” Mayor Leonard Norton referred to the dire situation in regard to water for the coming irrigation season. The council members are pleading with the citizens of Huntington to please be careful and very conservative with the water.

Watering will not be allowed from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. and there will be no watering on weekends. Although no schedule has been distributed, water use will be monitored very carefully and adjustments will be made at next council meeting, if necessary. The drought situation has left the snow pack at about 50% and this requires everyone’s help.

The mayor and council then gave their individual reports. Mayor Norton thanked everyone for their continued help and support. He asked the maintenance crew to please keep their trucks clean and looking nice, as it reflects upon the whole city.

Councilmen Livingston reported his findings of many pot holes in the roads around the city. He stated he has a map and explanation to give to the Castle Valley Special Service District. Councilperson Gloria Wilson expressed that the Heritage Days meetings are happening and plans are moving along steadily.

Councilman David Emery reported that the work on the city pavilion is moving along and the roof should be finished soon. Councilperson Elsa Miller thanked everyone for help with the Easter egg hunt and for the use of the water truck at the arena. She is securing more sponsors for Heritage Days Rodeo, which will include a queen contest on June 10 and a queen clinic on May 22.

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