Helper City Considers Options for Main Street Rentals


During the virtual Helper City Council meeting that was hosted on Thursday evening, council members began to tackle the discussion and possible approval of renting both 69 South Main and 73 South Main. There has been a lot of interest in both locations, which were previously put out for bid.

The council had each hopeful for the rentals give a brief presentation on what their plans would be for the location, what amount of rent they are willing to pay, how long of a lease they would be willing to sign and more.

The first to speak was Pam Juliano, who stated that having a Helper City address on Main Street is something that she has aspired to for a number of years, but she has yet to be successful in acquiring a building. She thanked the council for the consideration before sharing that she and her husband own the No Tap Pro Shop, which moved from the bowling alley in Carbonville to Gateway Lanes many years ago. Juliano then explained that her work in the new building would not be a retail business, but a consultant business existing more in the professional consulting world.

Next up, Ashley Hardy stated that she would like to acquire a building and utilize it as a shared space for local business start-ups, similar to the Business Technical Assistance Center in Price, providing business incubation. She then stated that they have a number of people already interested in utilizing the space, such as Lita Riley, Dusty Spencer, Nikell Tamllos, Roberta Hardy, Pinnacle High School and more. The goal is to get these individuals in the building and give them their own space to grow their business ideas.

Allie Farnham with Helper Saturday Vibes began by stating that the other proposals she had heard were very impressive and they would be happy to rent either location, with 69 South Main being their first choice and 73 South Main being the secondary. She then explained that Saturday Vibes is hoping to have four interns with USU Eastern as well as other staff, such as a vendor manager, sound technicians and more. She explained that having a space to utilize as an office has become more important to them, stating that they used 69 South Main the previous year.

All that are willing to rent the space also agreed that they would vacate briefly if they rented 69 South Main for the Helper Arts, Music and Film Festival and the Electric Light Parade when the events arrived. While the council had many questions for those that wish to rent the spaces, it was ultimately decided that they would table both items and host a special closed meeting for a decision.

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