Helper City Council Gears Up for Future Fun


Cody Bunderson (left) and Derek Gale from Fierce MMA and Fitness speak to the Helper City Council. 

Jason Huntzinger with the Western Mining and Railroad Museum visited the Helper City Council on Thursday evening during a regularly-scheduled meeting for a special request.

Huntzinger has been busy preparing for the highly anticipated Spike 150 anniversary event. The reason for his visit to the council was to request a closure of Main Street directly in front of the museum to make the festivities even better. Huntzinger agreed that he would hash out the details with Gary Harwood and company. Councilwoman Donna Archuleta moved to approve the closure with councilwoman Malarie Matsuda quickly following with a second.

Next to visit the council was Cody Bunderson, owner of Fierce MMA and Fitness, and his partner Derek Gale. They informed the council that they are looking to host an outdoor MMA event on the weekend of Aug. 3 and were hoping to host it at the American Legion field in Helper. Bunderson stated that they would begin set up on Aug. 2 and break it all down on Aug. 4.

Bunderson then informed the council that athletes throughout the Intermountain West, as well as regions as far as California and back east, compete in these events. He and Gale also plan to apply through the state for a temporary liquor license to offer beer at the event. Councilwoman Archuleta stated that, if alcohol is present, police presence or security is also a requirement.

Brief discussion on what officers from which department could be utilized and how many would be needed. Bunderson declared that they have personal security present at the events as well. Councilman David Dornan then inquired as to what the duo would need from Helper City in preparation, to which they answered simply that round tables and chairs would be valued for the VIP seating.

Bunderson also agreed to provide the city with a liability form for the event and informed them that, on average, about 10 fights take place during each event. While specific details still need to be ironed out, this event was ultimately approved by the council.

Nate Marvidikis stood at the podium next representing the Alana Club. He requested that they be given a building in Helper City to rent for recovery gatherings. The club hosts meetings and functions for individuals that are seeking recovery from substance abuse. The club occupies the basement of the Trinity Church currently but Marvifikis stated that they are eager for a move in order for the meetings to be better cloaked in anonymity as they should be.

Marvidikis stated that they would be looking for at least a one-year lease but acknowledged that a lot of details would need to be discussed due to the club being a nonprofit. While the council unanimously agreed that the services the club provides is of great importance, much more discussion needed to be hashed out between the club and the council before a full decision on location, rent amount and more was decided upon.

Finally, Kate Kilpatrick-Miller visited the council to state that the Helper Arts, Film and Music Festival planning is well underway. Her main purpose for the visit that evening was to, as per tradition, obtain an approval on local consent for the festival, which was given.

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