Helper City Mayor Presents Updates and News to Council


Helper City Mayor Lenise Peterman expressed her excitement during the inaugural city council meeting for 2020 about a number of announcements she was ready to make.

First, she informed the council that she would be traveling to Green River to meet with a group that is wishing to develop passenger trains from Salt Lake City to Moab. Mayor Peterman stated that she is eager to hear what they are planning and what the impact would be.

Peterman has also joined the tax advisory board at the Carbon County Commissioner’s request. Her purpose on the board is to assist in tourism and how the tax dollars are allocated. The board makes recommendations to the commissioners in that aspect. The mayor and councilman Gary Harwood also plan to meet soon about the GIS system. They are still trying to figure out how to creatively fund it and are going to open a dialogue.

She continued her announcements with the announcement that the Poet Laureate will be on site March 11 and will be conducting a reading of her poetry at The Rio Theater. There may also be some associated school activities as the mayor is coordinating with Helper Middle School. More details will emerge in time, she said.

The Utah Symphony is also going to come and kick off this year’s Helper Arts, Music and Film Festival on Aug. 19, Peterman announced. That is a Wednesday and will take place before the gallery stroll on Thursday. They will be bringing the full orchestra and it will be a large event on Main Street in the park.

Finally, Mayor Peterman presented a sign to the council that was created by Frank Peczuh from the work of the USU students. Peczuh was excited by the design and took photos of the book in order to create some templates of wayfinding at no cost. The sign was created and the mayor stated she is meeting with commissioners and mayors soon to adopt similar wayfinding signage to create a theme in the county.

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