Helper City Performs Oath of Office to Welcome New Mayor, Council Members


Ringing in the new year, Helper City welcomed the community into the council chambers on Tuesday morning to celebrate the recently elected mayor and new council members.

In front of a packed crowd, Helper City Recorder Jona Skerl guided Mayor Lenise Peterman and councilwomen Malarie Matsuda and Donna Archuleta through the oath, which they then signed in front of the crowd.

The newly elected mayor and councilwomen will join the remaining council members in various duties for the community, including the monthly Helper City Council meetings. The first meeting for the 2018 year will take place on Jan. 4 at 6 p.m.

“I’m honored to be selected by the community to lead it for the next four years and plan to earn their votes each and every day going forward,” Mayor Peterman stated.


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