Helper Fire Adds ATV to Department


The Helper City Fire Department added to its equipment when the team received a new side by side. Helper Fire Chief Matt Montoya stated that the department recently became in need of the side by side due to the mountainous terrain that the department covers.

The department not only covers Helper, but a lot of Scofield and the unincorporated areas nearby. Chief Montoya said that crews were having difficulties getting to patients with regular four-wheel drive vehicles as there are a lot of ATV or hunting accidents that are mostly only ATV accessible. The new side by side will service the entire area, including the neighboring departments as needed.

“It’s been a great asset to this department already,” said Chief Montoya. “It’s going to serve as a rescue unit as well as a firefighting unit.” The chief then shared that there will be fire suppression equipment installed in the side by side.

The ATV has a lot of capabilities and will make the department some money with the wildland contract. It has already proven beneficial for the area, visitors and citizens, as the department used it recently at a single-vehicle rollover accident near Scofield. Access was limited due to snowy weather and they were able to access the patient with the new unit.

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