Helper Fire Shares Firework Safety Tips


With the Fourth of July weekend only a few days away, the Helper City Fire Department answered the question of whether the city will restrict fireworks for the holiday this year.

“We do not intend to restrict fireworks for the 4th of July holiday,” shared Helper Fire. “However, conditions will be reassessed as the 24th of July holiday approaches. The Helper Fire Department encourages firework safety.”

Along with this information, tips were shared to help prevent a fire while celebrating. The first tip was to not light fireworks near dry grass or flammables. Next, always have a shovel and a nearby water source ready in case of a fire. Keep spectators at a safe distance in the event that something goes wrong and if a fire ignites, call 911 immediately.

Finally, Helper Fire gave the reminder that an individual that starts a fire or causes injury is liable for any damage caused by fireworks before wishing all a safe holiday weekend.

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