Helper Mayor Pleads Guilty in DUI Case, Will Wear Ankle Monitor


Helper Mayor Dean Armstrong will wear an ankle monitor for 60 days and will have to pay nearly $1600 in fines after pleading guiltyВ last monthВ to impaired driving, a class BВ misdemeanor.

Armstrong was arrested November 16 (for the full story, click here) after failing to fully stop at a stop sign at 100 East Main Street in Price.

“Mr. Armstrong was ultimately taken out of the car to perform field sobriety tests,” saidВ Utah Highway Patrol Lieutenant David Bennion at the time. “As a result of those tests, he was arrested for driving under the influence and having an open container in the vehicle.”

Bennion also confirmed at the time that a Breathalyzer test revealed Armstrong was “over the legal limit.”

Armstrong said he has the support of the city council and other members of city government, and that he plans on “continuing the positive steps we have been taking to improve our city.”

Armstrong also pleaded guilty to the open container charge and failing to stop at a stop sign (both class C misdemeanor) В in addition to the impaired driving misdemeanor.

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