Helper Saturday Vibes Returning for Another Fun-Filled Summer


Helper Saturday Vibes is ready to treat everyone to yet another summer of fun and entertainment with the 2024 season. This year, the Vibes events will begin on Saturday, May 11.

Kimberly Kuehn, the mastermind that brought this event to Helper’s historic Main Street, stated that this year there are a few new exciting things, such as new margarita mixes. There will also be a mocktail stand called “Drink” which will be available during each event.

One thing that Kuehn is excited about is the new location of the food court, which will be in the current Helper City Hall parking lot, as the lot next to the police department and the fire station is under construction.

The bands are all booked for the season, with the first band of every Saturday being local and the second band coming in from throughout Utah. Kuehn stated that there are about four bands that are returning from last season and there were over 90 applicants for bands. The vendors look great as well and there is a very strong food truck presence this year.

Looking back to last year, Kuehn said that it went very well. There were more hits on their website and there is a new TikTok account for Vibes that has been very successful. Kuehn said there was also great success in regard to creating a community forum for nonprofits, artists, musicians and the like. A lot more effort went into figuring out Main Street and the needs and wants of the Main Street merchants.

This year, those behind Vibes are working with the History Hunt and are going to incorporate a lot of grassroots, organic events within the events throughout the Hunt with the Main Street merchants.

Kuehn then took a moment to encourage all to experience everything that Saturday Vibes has to offer. “Come check out the colors of our small community,” she stated.

Currently, the Vibes team is looking to add in some volunteers, who are always provided with a free lunch, as well as some crew guys for set up and tear down, who will have a wage. Kuehn also stated that they are excited to partner with Cindi Curry and her group this year.

The Saturday Vibes 2024 team consists of Kuehn, Market Lead Joelle Amaya, Vendor Coordinator Ruth Lee, who can be contacted at (435) 401-1402 for vendor opportunities, Social Media Director Melissa Montoya, Bar Manager Shayla Olsen, and Jenny Taylor, who is over the kids’ activities.

Check out Helper Saturday Vibes for yourself this season. The dates are May 11 and 25, June 22, July 13 and 27, August 10 and 24, and September 14 and 28.

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