Hot Air Balloon Rides Brought to Carbon County Fair


To kick off the fun at the Carbon County Fair on Saturday morning, hot air balloons rides were available to all that attended the fair. Starting at 7 a.m. and lasting for a few hours, fair attendees had a chance to take a ride of a lifetime.

The rides were given on the grass of the Senior Center and lasted about two minutes each. Riders were taken 50 feet in the air while still tethered to the ground.

“It was a cool experience,” shared Alexia Johnson.

There was one hot air balloon, allowing for a three-person ride. For a convenient fee of $15 per person, participants were able to make a trip into the air. The hot air balloons were introduced by Frank Ori at last week’s Carbon County Commission meeting.

There were 73 people that had the chance to go up before the rides were closed due the wind.

“I thought it went amazing,” expressed Ori, director of Carbon County Recreation. “I am hoping in the future to do a hot air balloon festival.”

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