Huntington and Hunter Power Plants Reach Safety Milestones


Representatives from Huntington and Hunter power plants approached Emery County Commissioners on Tuesday to comment on safety milestones the power plants have reached. Recently, both plants reached the mark of one million man hours without an accident.

Hunter reached this number on Dec. 12, 2012. With about 220 people employed at the plant, they are planning on reaching the two million mark in a little over a year. It was noted that in the beginning of Hunter plant’s operation, the goal was to have only 30 accidents per year. That number seems obscure now when compared to the current standards for worker’s safety that allows the plants to operate nearly accident free.

Huntington, with 126 employees, reached the one million hour mark without an accident on Dec. 31, 2013. It took the plant approximately three years to reach the milestone.

In addition, many of the workers at the Huntington plant will be retiring in the near future. The plant is actively seeking new employees with all skill levels to fill positions ranging from utility workers to lab technicians.

Also at the commission meeting, Cam Fleck from Energy West provided updates regarding their mines. According to Fleck, Energy West produced 2.7 million tons of coal last year. For next year, it is projected that 3.2 million tons will be produced.

The company currently provides 240 jobs in the area.

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