Huntington City Council Discusses Summertime Topics


During the recent Huntington City Council meeting, there were many items presented to the members, ranging from individual reports to department updates.

At the beginning of the meeting, Mayor Leonard Norton discussed a few aspects of the ongoing construction. He mentioned that it will continue for a few months, urging citizens to be cautious on the roads. Mayor Norton then spoke about how he would greatly appreciate if the citizens of Huntington could help pull the weeds in the cracks of the sidewalks in front of their homes. While there are employees that help with this, they have many other duties and aren’t solely focused on these weeds. He went on to thank all employees who work for the city and the members of the city council for all they’ve done in the community.

A representative from the fire department then came to the podium to give a report to the council. There are many things happening in the department, such as trainings in Price for new fire fighters. The goal is for new members of the team to learn as much as possible before arriving on scene in order to function without the assistance of more experienced fire fighters. It was mentioned that the fire fighters are grateful for the grant they recently received to pay for a number of department needs, including new radios. The fire department is also preparing for the firework display coming up on July 4th. The fire fighters want to remind everyone that the burn window is closed, and if one needs to burn, they must contact the fire warden.

During the council members’ reports, it was mentioned that people are not using the streets the way they were intended. Councilman Gerald Livingston has noticed that there are a lot of trailers parked on the side of the roads when there is space on property for them. He stated that the wide streets are to be used “for traffic and parking cars; put trailers on their property, not the street or sidewalk.” He also wanted to remind the people of Huntington of the city ordinances and that they should be followed more carefully.

The meeting ended with much appreciation for those working in Huntington City. Words of praise were given to the fire department and all those helping prepare for the upcoming Heritage Days Rodeo this weekend.

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