Huntington City’s Leaders for 2022


By Julie Johansen

Just as the new year began on Monday, Jan. 3, Huntington City Recorder Jenene Hansen administered the oath of office for the city’s new councilman, Judd Beagley, and two incumbents, Mayor Leonard Norton and Councilman Tom Kay.

Beagley will be replacing Gloria Wilson, who chose not run again following her eight years of service to Huntington City. Beagley is an Emery County native who grew up in Ferron before returning to reside in the county several years ago.

All members of the city council were present at the ceremony and took their places to welcome the new member to the council. Mayor Leonard Norton will be at the helm with Jerry Livingston, David Emery, Leesa Miller, Kay and Beagley comprising the rest of the council.

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