Huntington Elementary Students Celebrate For Reading


Lynsie Pentico, an editor, illustrator and soon-to-be author, visited Huntington Elementary on Monday afternoon and spoke to the students about writing and fulfilling their dreams. She also shared her personal experience how she teamed up with her best friend MarLayne Gordon and wrote a book “Molly and the Boy.” Clifford Oviatt from Cleveland did the illustrations. The book is based off of a true story about a horse Molly and her best friend, and all of the farming adventures they go on.

Pentico has been interested in writing since she was young. She recently moved back to Emery County, but what got her started on her dream was her baby she adopted in 2013.

Students enjoyed looking at some of Pentico’s illustrations she brought. She also mentioned some of the materials she uses in her work such as water colored pencils, markers, sketch pad, book of ideas, her IPad, a coloring book she made and much more.

“That’s where a story starts, is just an idea… There are amazing things in your mind,” said Pentico.

“Chief” also came to the elementary and danced for the kids. After for the students dedicated reading, the faculty and staff decided to do a drawing. Members of the student council drew from the tickets and students were awarded prizes.

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