If It Snows, Look Somewhere Else for Easter Eggs in Orangeville


By Julie Johansen

Whoops, someone forgot to tell Mother Nature it is officially spring and time for Easter egg hunts. On Friday morning, the day of the planned Easter Egg Hunt for Orangeville City, the park was blanketed with snow. Orangeville City Councilman Kevin Butler and the Youth City Council quickly changed venues and prepared Cottonwood Elementary for the egg hunt.

The grades were divided, with those in kindergarten and first grade beginning to search the gym and halls for eggs at 9:30 a.m. Then, every 20 minutes, a new group for the higher grades started to look for the eggs. The big prizes of Golden Eggs were the hardest to find and each one had a $10 bill inside. The really great thing was every student attending school on Friday got to participate.

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