Importance of Water Conservation Stressed in Price City Council Meeting


It’s no secret that Utah is one of the driest states in the nation. Here in Carbon and Emery counties, issues concerning water resources are always taken very seriously.

At the most recent Price City Council meeting, Gary Sontag, public works director for the city, detailed the near dire situation Price City could be facing if residents don’t conserve water now.

According to Sontag, city officials should be not only be concerned with what water is being received, but putting in measures to control and conserve the water that is there.

One way Sontag suggested this can be accomplished is by measuring water usage accurately with an electronic measuring system. According to Sontag, this way everybody gets their fair share and if it does come to a drought situation, water can be measured and regulated.

Right now, it is unclear how much, if at all, residents of Price will need to restrict their water usage, something that Sontag said is frightening.

“We need to know how much to hold back so we can plan for the coming year. Right now, we don’t know that, which makes it difficult to plan,” Sontag said. “This is why we need to do all we can right now to conserve.”

The water conservation committee plans to reach out to local schools to help students realize the value of using water wisely. The committee has also has a website that addresses water conservation and can keep citizens up to date with the water situation.

“People need to know that the water they receive in their homes doesn’t just appear magically out of the tap. It originates somewhere and once those resources are gone, they are gone,” Sontag said.

There are several ways to cut back on water usage right now. Start by checking for leaky pipes in your home. Take shorter showers and maybe opt for a “stinky Tuesday” and go without a shower for that day. Don’t leave the faucet on for extended periods of time and make sure the washer and dishwasher only run with full loads.

Outside, only water when the lawn and garden need it. Avoid watering in the wind or during the heat of the day. Make sure the sprinklers are positioned so the water lands on the grass and garden, not the cement.

“This year is going be a tough year,” Sontag said. “Eventually, the availability of water is going to taper off, so be smart about how you are using water now or it will be a catastrophe.”


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