Improve and Compete


ETV News Stock Photo by Jeff Barrett

Pinnacle’s track and field team will have a lot of familiar faces as many participated last season. “We have quite a few returners,” stated head coach Ray Jones. “It’s exciting man, that they’ve been [part of the team] a couple years and they just keep with it. So, that’s awesome.”

Jonathan Kessler is back to compete in the sprints and long jump while Cole Barton, Ryker Howell and Owen Nehl will all be returning as well. “The athleticism of Cole, Jonny and Ryker in general is going to push up,” said Jones.

Last year was Nehl’s first with the team, meaning he is looking to take big strides this season. Jones continued, “Owen is going to show some improvement in some things.”

Returning girls include Heather Kerr, Darolani Motte and Madison Sasser. Jones added, “I’m excited to see what Darolani can do in the javelin and also what Heather throws in the shot and discus.”

Kerr already holds school records in the discus and will be looking to increase her throws. “Then Madison, I’m really hoping she can break some records and do good things in the distance,” continued Jones.

The Panthers believe they have the athletes to compete with Monticello and Green River this season, but the ultimate goal is individual improvement. “Just compete and improve. Take a look on where we are at the beginning and then check on our personal improvement as we go.”

Jones concluded, “Every year, I just want to see them improve and just be better than they were at the beginning of the season. I’m just excited for the kids to get out there and compete.”

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