In Your Backyard: Nine Mile Canyon


Photo courtesy of Tyson Chappell

In last week’s edition of ETV 10’s “In Your Backyard” series, the featured landmark/destination was Nine Mile Canyon.

Located just 20 miles north of Wellington and stretching 46 miles along the northern side of the Book Cliffs, Nine Mile  Canyon offers some of the best scenery, history and wildlife. In fact, this famous canyon contains rich history of people who lived there centuries ago.

The stories of Archaic, Fremont and Ute people can be seen on the sheer cliffs where you will find rock art that was created by the tribes. Nine Mile Canyon’s rock art has been featured in the National Geographic and other publications all because of the beauty, quality and intensity of the art.

Not only did Native Americans live in this canyon, but farmers, outlaws and ranchers also did. Those who dared live in this beautiful site fought the ugliest conditions. Nine Mile Canyon is surrounded by cactus, brush-filled dunes, desert mountains and rocky walls. Only the toughest individuals survived in this canyon amid the rocky walls and the extreme weather conditions that the canyon would contain.

When vising Nine Mile Canyon, it is advised that visitors take plenty of food and water, check weather conditions and do research before going forward on the adventure.

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