Inaugural 4th Friday Event Brings East Carbon Community Together


Photos by Rakele Palmer

East Carbon recently hosted its inaugural 4th Friday celebration. The event, hosted at Bruin Point Elementary for the month of March, saw nearly 70 attendees.

In working with the “meet and greet” theme of the evening, the adults were given a special assignment: getting to know someone new. The adults were given seven minutes to get to know the person sitting next to them. After the seven minutes, they were then prompted to move to another seat and meet another new person.

While the adults in attendance spent time getting to know new people, the children enjoyed treats, games, crafts and coloring pages. A drawing took place every 10 minutes with prizes that were donated by people of the community. Doughnuts, coffee and hot chocolate were served.

Next on the agenda is the April 4th Friday. This event will bring local EMTs and firemen to educate community members and youth while allowing them to tour the public safety building. Life-saving techniques will be demonstrated and the children will have a chance to get familiar with the fire truck and ambulance.

“Many thanks to all the volunteers that helped pull this together,” stated 4th Friday affiliate Rakele Palmer.

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