Increased Water Rates for Those Outside of Ferron City Limits


By Julie Johansen

Ferron City hosted a public hearing on Wednesday, Dec. 6 to receive public input on increasing water rates from $50 to $64 for water users outside of city limits. The increase came as a result of an increase in Castle Valley Special Service District rates, which the city must pay to the district.

Citizens from outside of the city limits had questions and comments. Ferron City Mayor Trent Jackson explained that users inside city limits received an increase as a line item on their property tax notices from the county. The tax increase came from the state because of the increased value of homes and property in Emery County, of which the special service district receives a percent. Mayor Jackson also stated that it was unanimous vote by the board when this issue was voted on at a special service district meeting.

Citizens attending this public hearing expressed that this was a misrepresentation of those citizens affected by the raise. Mayor Jackson felt that the increase was inevitable. The citizens also questioned if this would happen again next year, to which the answer was that it could as property values are not decreasing.

Following the closure of the public hearing, a motion was made to adopt Resolution 2023-6, which establishes the new water rate for users outside of city limits. The motion passed unanimously and the meeting was adjourned.

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