Insurance Representatives Get Testy at Emery County Commission Meeting


Though many items wereВ discussedВ at Emery County Commission meeting Tuesday, insurance companyВ representatives from two different companies got into a little back and forth, causing some tense moments for those in attendance.

Josh McKell and Ryan Hatch, from Utah LocalВ Governments Trust Insurance, approached the lectern and requested a bid for property and casualty insurance and related services for Emery County’s 2012 policy year.

Johnny Miller, from Utah Counties Indemnity Pool (UCIP), was also in attendance to speak about the county’s current policy with the company. В Emery County has been with UCIP for 20 years.

McKell and Hatch spoke about Trust’s retention rate, growth, and limits.

“It’s the highest coverage at the best price,” said McKell.

Hatch followed McKell’s comments by saying, “there are many options out there, we just want you to keep your options open,” explaining to commissioners they are one of three companies in Utah to offer county insurance, and that they would need to have a meeting before September 1 if they wanted to move forward with the switch.

Milller then stood and spoke about the current condition of the Pool, and how Emery County hasВ benefitedВ from Pool’s coverage the last 20 years. He related to the commission that since 1998 the county’s contributions have decreased by 27 percent or $57,000, saving the county money.

This is when the situation turned a bit tense.

Miller said late in his presentation that there wasn’t any need for higher limits, and accused Trust of relaying incorrect information.

Commissioner Jeff Horrocks then cut Miller off late in his presentation to bring some sense of order back to the meeting.

“Mr. Miller, it’s not that there isn’t time, it’s the content,” he said. “We are not here to get in a battle with Trust. We are here to see what you have to offer.”

Miller countered Horrocks words by saying, “commissioners need to hear the truth before they decide,” and that he didn’t understand whey they would consider changing when they have done so well with the current policy.

Because of the back and forth, commissioners decided to discuss the issue with the two companies at a later date.

Other notes from the meeting:

Consideration and approval for the change of order No. 2, for low income housing renovation project 2012, and the approval of an agreement between Emery County and Castle Dale City regarding liability for inflatable bounce houses to be used at the county fair.

Consideration and approval of resolution regarding the sale of burial plots in Lawrence Cemetery. “There is a beautiful fence,” Commissioner James Nelson said. “It would be ridiculous to have plots outside the fence before it is full.” Commissioners approved to keep the resolution they had, which was to sell lots inside the fence before any others.

Commissioners will next meet August 14.

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